Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf: a very interesting element

Poufs are increasingly popular furnishing elements, and today is possible to choose it in many different variants: Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf is one of these.

Chesterfield poufs have this name because are entirely coated in leather and because are finished with the typical decorations of the famous Chesterfield Sofa, first of all the capitonnè.

Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf owes its name to the fact that its top surface has the typical shape of an half-moon.

A pouf like this is perfect to be placed adjacent to the wall, at the same time obviously you can place it in front of your sofa: this pouf is created to be combined with a Chesterfield Sofa, but is not unusual that this pouf is combined with sofas of different type, including modern sofas.

In the picture you can admire a very interesting example of Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf: the capitonnè is well-done on the top surface, instead the lateral facades are perfectly smooth.

This so beautiful pouf is also a model with inner container, so is a very interesting choice not only for its design, but also for its utility.

Half-moon Chesterfield Pouf is not very common: if you like it you can contact VAMA Divani, Italian company that produces only in traditional way and that is specialized in Chesterfield creations.