High backrest Chesterfield Sofa

High backrest Chesterfield Sofa is a very special kind of this famous element of furniture, and before discovering its main feature is interesting to underline the peculiarity of the classic Chesterfield backrest.

According to tradition, in a Chesterfield Sofa backrest must have the same height of the armrests, so its height is rather low.

Is not rare that Chesterfield Sofa is chosen in different variant: a more high backrest is a very interesting detail, both because is charming and because is more comfortable.

Is usual, therefore, that consumers requiring this special kind of sofa, and in the picture you can admire a wonderful example of high backrest Chesterfield Sofa.

This element of furniture is called Doge Chesterfield Sofa: its main feature is of course the high backrest, but at the same time it presents other particular details, for example the little and completely smooth armrests and the curved base.

At the same time this sofa has all the typical features of Chesterfield sofa, or rather the leather upholstery (or alternatively a faux-leather upholstery), the capitonné created on the backrest and on the base, and all other finishes.

An High backrest Chesterfield Sofa is of course a wonderful sofa, perfect for a very luxurious context, but at the same time is a very good choice if you want more comfort!

Is not simply to find a Chesterfield Sofa like this, so if you are looking for an high backrest Chesterfield Sofa is a good idea to contact an artisan company: the Italian VAMA Divani has a very great experience in this trade, and can send your high backrest Chesterfield Sofa directly at your home.