How to create an headboard for a Chesterfield bed?

When we speak about Chesterfield furnishings we don’t speak only about sofas: also other furniture deserve the appellation of Chesterfield, for example double beds.

Chesterfield double bed is absolutely a classic, a perfect choice for the interior design of a classic bedroom, and the most interesting part of these furnishing items is of course the headboard.

To be defined “Chesterfield” a double bed must have the capitonnè on the headboard: capitonnè is absolutely an icon of Chesterfield furnishings, so it cannot miss!

How to create an headboard for a Chesterfield bed?

This realization requires a meticulous handicraft, for this reason is very important to buy Chesterfield sofas 100% handmade.

VAMA Divani, important Italian company specialized in Chesterfield furnishings, has published an interesting video that illustrates in only three minutes the creation of a well done capitonnè headboard.

In this video you can admire VAMA Divani’s artisans that realize a wonderful capitonné headboard, exactly a very classic model with an elegant frame.

The video is accelerated, so in only three minutes you can look the full artisan process!