How to create capitonnè?

Capitonnè is the typical decoration of Chesterfield sofa, a wonderful handmade realization that requires professionalism and specific experience.

This ancient adornment is really an icon of Chesterfield sofa, so is fundamental to make a perfect handcraft.

And so, how to create a perfectly done capitonnè?

Is not easy to describe the full process of this realization, so VAMA Divani, Italian company specializing in the production of Chesterfield sofa, has made an interesting video.

It shows all the necessary steps to create a capitonnè, exactly it shows the full realization of a tufted leather headboard in only 6:54 minutes.

This video has already intrigued a lot of viewers: in May 2016, in fact, it has 1,548,742 views in YouTube.

Here’s to you this nice video made directly from VAMA Divani’s artisans during their daily work activities, and is useful to remember that you can easily buy online Chesterfield sofas and other furnishings with capitonnè at the official e-commerce