How to make a capitonné headboard?

How to make a capitonné headboard? This question is very interesting, mostly for classic double beds lovers, and first of all we must say that a similar creation can be made only by a meticulous handicraft.

The capitonnè headboard is the protagonist of Chesterfield bed, and according to tradition it must be made in leather or in faux-leather and must be embellished by the famous capitonnè.

Capitonnè is the “symbol” of Chesterfield Sofa and Chesterfield furnishings, and is made applying directly on the leather a lot of little buttons: this buttons create a sort of rhomboidal decoration on the whole surface.

Make a capitonné headboard requires experience and craftsmanship: is impossible, in fact, to create a detail like this in industrial way.

VAMA Divani, famous Italian company specialize in Chesterfield sofa and other realizations, has created a nice video that shows how is possible to create a capitonnè headboard.

This video shows in only 3 minutes the full process executed by craftsmen of the company to make this wonderful realization, and the final result is wonderful.

This video by VAMA Divani, at the moment, has totalized more than 48.000 views in YouTube: look at him now!