How to order a customized Chesterfield Sofa?

Buy a customized Chesterfield Sofa must be a very good choice, for many different reasons, so how can you order a piece of furniture like this?

VAMA Divani, important Italian company that produces only in traditional way, can produce endless kinds of customized Chesterfield sofas, so can explain how you can buy these so interesting sofas.

First of all, you can choose the kind of Chesterfield Sofa that you want: you can choose a two seater sofa, a three seater sofa, or also larger models, at the same time you can choose a classic Chesterfield Sofa or a special model, for example a Mug Chesterfield Sofa, a Doge Chesterfield Sofa, a corner Chesterfield Sofa, or also a Chesterfield Chaise Longue.

For each of these types, you can choose in total freedom countless different sizes, so you can define the measure of the length, width and height.

VAMA Divani allows you to customize your Chesterfield Sofa in many other ways: you can choose the material of the upholstery (leather, faux leather, velvet or other), the colour, of course, and you can optioned particular decorations, for example processing to make aging skin or special details, like the so called Swarowski buttons.

When your Chesterfield Sofa is completely defined, you can confirm the order: VAMA Divani can send it all over the world.