Jeans Chesterfield Sofa: what is it?

What’s Jeans Chesterfield Sofa? May seem very strange to accost the term “jeans” with the name of one of the most famous classic sofas in the world, however is really possible to but a Chesterfield Sofa with this intriguing feature.

This variant is named Jeans Chesterfield Sofa because its upholstery has the same colour of these so popular casual trousers, so this creation is very original.

Although it has a so particular colour, Jeans Chesterfield Sofa has all the typical features of the famous English Chesterfield.

A good Jeans Chesterfield Sofa, in fact, must have a well done crafts upholstery, with accurate finish and of course the so called “capitonnè”, the real icon of Chesterfield sofa, or rather the famous decoration made on the backrest and on the armrests.

A so unusual sofa can be the real protagonist of the contexts in which it is placed, and it influences in an important way the interior design.

A sofa like this can be placed in a lot of different context: in a classic living room, for example, or also in a modern or minimal room.

Therefore, how to buy a Jeans Chesterfield Sofa?

Is really difficult to find a sofa like this, so is certainly a good advice to call a craft company that can create customized Chesterfield sofas.

Our company can make a customized Jeans Chesterfield Sofa following the ancient tradition, and can send it all over the world with a simple click.