Leatherette Chesterfield sofa: a very prestigious sofa

Leatherette Chesterfield Sofa is a very interesting kind of sofa: what are its peculiarities?

This Chesterfield Sofa is covered by leatherette, a very particular and interesting kind of leather that is different than faux-leather, a common synthetic material.

Leatherette is very robust and durable, but at the same time it has a smaller thickness than the traditional leather: leatherette, in fact, is 1.2 mm deep.

The quality of this material, therefore, is excellent, and its design is special, too: leatherette, in fact, is much appreciated because makes the colours more shiny.

This so special kind of leather is perfect for the upholstery of a luxury sofa like the famous Chesterfield, and in the picture you can admire a very beautiful example: a living room with sofas, armchair and pouf with upholstery in leatherette.

Leatherette Chesterfield Sofa is not very common, so if you are looking for a sofa like this you must contact a specialized company.

The Italian VAMA Divani produced only in traditional way, and can create for you wonderful customized leatherette Chesterfield sofas, armchair and poufs.