Little Chesterfeld Dormeuse: a special piece of furniture

Little Chesterfeld Dormeuse is a special version of this so interesting piece of furniture, a model with reduced dimensions but aesthetically perfect.

Dormeuse is a particular kind of sofa that has only one armrest, and that has at the same time an oblique back; thanks to its special structure, dormeuse can be used like a traditional sofa or to relax.

Chesterfield Dormeuse has this name because is similar to the traditional Chesterfield Sofa: it has a leather upholstery, the iconic capitonné and all other finishes.

Chesterfield Dormeuse is a very decorative creation, and is frequently chosen in classic rooms and in modern interior designs, too.

This model has smaller dimensions than the common Chesterfield Dormeuse, but it has the same aesthetics: capitonné is well done on the backrest and on the armrest, on the base there are some buttons, the seat is smooth, and finally wooden support legs have a classic round design.

If you like this suggestive Dormeuse, also called Chaise Longue, you can contact VAMA Divani: this Italian company has a great experience in the creations of Chesterfield sofas and dormeuses, and can create for you a wonderful and customized Chaise Longue like the one in the picture.