Martina, a very interesting little armchair

Martina is a very interesting creation by VAMA Divani, a little armchair that is much appreciated by consumers.

Martina is a Chesterfield piece furniture, but this model has a different style that the classic Chesterfield armchair.

First of all, this armchair has very small dimensions, and thanks to this feature Martina is considered a perfect armchair for a bedroom.

The upholstery is created in leather or faux-leather, just like classic Chesterfield armchairs, and all finishes are perfectly done in traditional way.

The famous capitonnè cannot miss: this decoration, considered a real icon of Chesterfield sofa and Chesterfield Armchair, is created applying some buttons on the upholstery, and is very elegant and charming.

In Martina buttons are present on the backrest, in the internal part of armrests and on the front base, and in this armchair are very interesting wooden supports, too.

This armchair is very good not only in its design and its upholstery, but also for its inner structure, perfectly done and extremely resistant.

Martina armchair, like all other creations by VAMA Divani, can be customized in a lot of different ways including the colour of the upholstery.