Michelangelo, a very special Chesterfield Pouf

Michelangelo is a very special Chesterfield Pouf, a piece of furniture ideal for the most classic contexts.

Michelangelo is really a little masterpiece: this pouf, in fact, has a very unusual feature, being an “all capitonnè” pouf.

Chesterfield poufs normally presents capitonnè on the top, not laterally, instead Michelangelo has the capitonnè also on its lateral face.

At the same time, Michelangelo pouf has also a very intriguing feature: in this model, in fact, the capitoonè “softens” the angularity creating a real unique model.

Is very hard to realize a pouf like this, for this reason Michelangelo is a very rare and special Chesterfield pouf.

If you want a so special Chesterfield Pouf you have to contact an expert craft company: is impossible, in fact, to realize a pouf like this in industrial way!

Michelangelo pouf is a creation by VAMA Divani, and this important Italian company can create this piece of furniture very accurately, customizing it in many ways.