Mug Chesterfield Sofa: what is it?

What’s Mug Chesterfield Sofa? Is not frequent to find a sofa like this, so let’s see its main features.

Mug Chesterfield is a classic Chesterfield Sofa, so a sofa with upholstery in leather or in faux leather with a lot of prestigious and elaborate finishings, first of all the famous capitonnè.

The feature that discern Mug Chesterfield Sofa from the traditional Chesterfield Sofa is basically one: this wonderful model of Chesterfield Sofa, in fact, presents frontally two unusual projections in correspondence of the armrests.

These two protuberances are similar to two big mugs, for this reason this so interesting kind of Chesterfield Sofa is called “Mug”.

Mug Chesterfield Sofa is a very rare furniture, so is very suggestive to have it in your living room, mostly if you love classic style.

How to buy a Mug Chesterfield Sofa? Is not easy to find in market a Chesterfield Sofa like this, so is a good idea to contact a specialized company, a company that produces only in handcrafted way.

VAMA Divani is of course a good choice: this Italian company can offer to you a lot of wonderful Mug Chesterfield Sofa, and you can customize your sofa in many different ways.