Multicolour Chesterfield Pouf: a unique creation

Chesterfield is an appellation assigned to classic furniture, of course, but is not unusual that these creations has original features, as we have seen in many occasions.

Classic style and originality can cohabit also in Chesterfield poufs, and this model is a wonderful example of this!

This multicolour Chesterfield Sofa is a creation by VAMA Divani, famous Italian company specialized in Chesterfield furniture that produces only in traditional way.

VAMA Divani has created this sofa to meet the needs of a very imaginative customer, and the final result is very special, and you can see watching the picture.

This Chesterfield pouf has a lot of particular features, first of all its the big dimensions and the geometric shape.

This pouf is of course a Chesterfield because it has the iconic capitonné on its upper face, at the same time it shows a very particular edge.

The inner part of the pouf is orange, instead the edge is a real triumph of colors!

Another interesting detail of this pouf corresponds to its legs, tall, thin, extremely classic and enriched by little wheels: thanks to this detail is possible to move this pouf on the floor in a very easy way.

A pouf like this can be the absolute protagonist in a classic interior design and in a modern room, too: if you like it, VAMA Divani can realize it for you also in customized way and can send it at your home, all over the world.