Old Style Chesterfield Armchair: a very classic creation

Old Style Chesterfield Armchair is a very interesting choice for vintage lovers, so let’s discover its main features.

This armchair is the “sister” of the homonym Chesterfield Sofa, so has the same details.

Of course this wonderful armchair has all the typical features of Chesterfield creations, first of all the capitonnè, or rather the “icon” of Chesterfield world.

An interesting peculiarity of this special Chesterfield armchair is of course the presence of some metallic buttons, a very decorative detail that makes very classic this furniture.

Old Style Chesterfield Armchair presents some little folds on the armrests, and some nice edges too.

It you like the more classic version of Chesterfield Armchair you can contact VAMA Divani: this Italian company works only in traditional way, and can create for you wonderful Old Style Chesterfield Armchairs, even in customized way.