Old Style Chesterfield Sofa: what is it?

What is Old Style Chesterfield Sofa? What are the main feature of this kind of sofa?

When we speak about Old Style Chesterfield Sofa we refer to the vintage version of this famous English creation.

An Old Style Chesterfield Sofa has all the typical features of Chesterfield “world”, but presents at the same time some special details. Let’s discover it!

First of all, an Old Style Chesterfield Sofa has some metallic button on the frontal face of the armrest and on the base, and this is an extremely classic decoration.

In ad Old Style Chesterfield Sofa we can also find a lot of little finishes, for example the little folds created on the armrest and some elegant edges.

In this Chesterfield Sofa there is of course the capitonné, the absolutely icon of this wonderful element of furniture, and it must be 100% handmade: is impossible to create it in industrial way!

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