Patchwork Chesterfield Armchair: what is it?

Patchwork Chesterfield Armchair is a real unique creation, a furniture that is simply impossible to find in the market: if you want to buy an armchair like this, you have to contact an artisan company.

A good artisan company can create for you customized realizations, so can of course made a Patchwork Chesterfield Armchair: is of course a good idea to contact VAMA Divani, the Italian company that have created this so special realization and that can easily send it to your home.

What is Patchwork?

The so called “patchwork” is an handmade thing created combining by seam different materials, and its glance is so particular and bright.

VAMA Divani’s artisans had this idea because they wanted to reuse some leftovers, and intuition was a real win: this armchair is very charming and is perfect for many different contexts, for very modern interior design, for example, and also for specific styles like the so called industrial.

Obviously, these leftovers are not poor quality materials, on the contrary are very good materials cut in this way for production needs

This Patchwork Chesterfield Armchair is exactly a “Parigina” model, a special kind of Chesterfield armchair that has smaller sizes than the typical Chester Armchair and that has a decoration a bit different than the capitonnè.

This so original armchair is very special, and can be a very interesting idea not only for home, but also for shops, hotels, restaurants and many different contexts.