Pink Chesterfield Sofa: interesting creation

Pink Chesterfield Sofa is of course an original creation, but would be a mistake to consider this colour like a too flashy solution.

Chesterfield Sofa is usually chosen in traditional colour, for example black, white, brown, but is not strange to buy a Chesterfield Sofa in bright colours like red, green, yellow and pink, too.

In the picture, you can just see a wonderful creation like this: a pink Chesterfield Sofa created according to tradition.

All details in this sofa are perfect: from the capitonnè, the decoration that absolutely cannot miss in this English sofa, to the little finishes, like for example those of the front part of the armrest.

This so particular Chesterfield Sofa also has another interesting feature: the upholstery, in fact, is entirely made in velvet, a prestigious material very pleasant to the touch.

This pink Chesterfield Sofa is really a good idea if you want a Chesterfield Sofa in classic style, but at the same time with a very strong personality.

When you choose a Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, you!