Polyurethane foam: good material for Chesterfield Sofa’s padding

In a Chesterfield Sofa, the padding has an important role: from this element, in fact, depends the comfort of the piece of furniture, and the same is true for its resistance, its longevity.

At the same time if padding is good the capitonnè, the typical decoration of Chesterfield Sofas, is really exalted, so this is important also for the aesthetic beauty of the sofa.

In a good Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, the choice of materials must be very careful, not only as regards the upholstery and the inner structure of the furniture, but also as regards the padding.

A very good material for Chesterfield Sofa’s padding, and more generally for the pads of classic and modern sofas, is of course polyurethane foam, a material that assures at the same time softness and resistance.

Polyurethane foam is industrially created by a chemical reaction of various elements: its softness is very similar to that typical of the sponge, but this material is significantly more resistant.

Polyurethane foam is widely used in building, and this confirms its high quality.

When you are evaluating a Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, you must discover which material it is used for its padding, and polyurethane foam is certainly good.