Presidential Chesterfield Armchair: what is it?

In the various world of Chesterfield furnishings is possible to find the denomination Presidential Chesterfield Armchair: what is it? What are the main features of this kind of armchair?

The word “presidential” make think to something of important, luxurious, “kingly”, and effectively these adjectives are perfect for this armchair.

Presidential Chesterfield Armchair is the ideal choice for a classic and luxurious interior design, and is an element of furniture that can be the protagonist in the room where is located.

In the market you can find a lot of different Presidential Chesterfield Armchairs, but there are some features that mark unequivocally all these creations.

First of all, these armchairs have a very high back, and this detail has a great influence to their look.

These armchairs have a wood structure and this material is evident in many part of the creation, furthermore these are directional armchairs, so have five little wheels on the base and a completely rotating structure.

Any furniture, to be defined Chesterfied, must have two fundamental features, or rather a leather upholstery (or alternatively a faux-leather upholstery) and the famous decoration capitonnè, and Presidential Chesterfield Armchairs have them of course!

As by tradition, the seat of the armchair is smooth, instead the backrest is beautified by the capitonné.

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