Red Chesterfield Sofa: absolutely a classic

Red Chesterfield Sofa is absolutely a classic: this colour is one of the most used for Chesterfield Sofa’s upholstery, and the beauty of these sofas is really unique.

Is known that red is a very intense colour, an icon of love, passion and vivacity: red is often used for the upholstery of modern sofas, but is very special in Chesterfield sofas, too.

A Red Chesterfield Sofa can be placed in many different contexts: is perfect in a classic room, of course, but at the same time is a very good idea to place it in a modern interior design, in fact many designers are often choosing to use this sofa in this way.

In the picture we can admire a classic version of Red Chesterfield Sofa, a two-seater model with leather upholstery and with all the peculiarities of this “mythical” creation: the iconic capitonné, the buttoned base, the handcrafted finishes.

Chesterfield Sofa must be chosen not only in red, but also in some interesting colours similar to it, for example the refined bordeaux.

A Red Chesterfield Sofa can be obviously chosen in many different models: the sofa in the picture, as mentioned, is a two-seater model, but you can buy a three-seater model, a four-seater model, a corner sofa and many more.

If you are looking for a Chesterfield Sofa, red or in different colour, is important to choose only handmade furnishings, and VAMA Divani can guarantee you magnificent creations!