Right Corner Chesterfield Sofa: what is this?

Right Corner Chesterfield Sofa is a very interesting kind of Chesterfield Sofa, let’s see what’s its most important feature.

This Chesterfield Sofa is a corner sofa, or rather a sofa created to be placed in a corner of the room.

All corner sofas must be categorized in two different types: rounded corner and right corner sofas.

The first category has a curved shape, the second instead has a perfect right corner, so its structure adheres perfectly to the walls forming the corner.

Does not exist a better type of the other: the choice between this two different variants is subjective, both with regard to design and comfort.

Right Corner Chesterfield Sofa, therefore, belongs to the second category, and its design is the most typical of this ancient and wonderful sofa.

A well done Right Corner Chesterfield Sofa, in fact, presents all the most typical features of Chesterfield Sofa: upholstery in leather, or alternatively in faux-leather, the famous capitonnè and many elegant handcrafted details.

A Right Corner Chesterfield Sofa, also called Right Angle Chesterfield Sofa, is a very good choice if you want to furnish a room in elegant style and optimizing space; a Chesterfield Sofa like this must be ideal both for small and large living rooms.

Although it is designed to be placed in a corner, a Right Corner Chesterfield Sofa must be placed in other ways, for example in the middle of the room or with only a side adjacent to the wall.