Shabby Chic Armchair: suggestive classic creation

Shabby Chic Chesterfield Armchair is a very charming creation, a piece of furniture absolutely perfect for Shabby Chic lovers, but at the same time ideal for a lot of different classic contexts.

Shabby chic is a style that is having a great success, and it’s of course a classic interior design.

In shabby chic is frequent the use of aged furniture items, at the same time are very common suits ornaments and elaborate handmade creations.

Shabby chic has also a specific identity about colours: in this interior design in fact are very common light colours, first of all white, so this wonderful violet armchair is absolutely perfect.

In the picture you can admire a very beautiful example of Shabby Chic Chesterfield Armchair: this model is exactly a Bergere Chesterfield sofa, extremely classic in its structure, and its upholstery is made in a special kind of suede fabric, extremely pleasing to the touch, too.

As you can see, this Shabby Chic Chesterfield Armchair is paired with an elegant pouf in the same style.

Both these creations are made by the VAMA Divani: this Italian company can create for you this and many more Shabby Chic armchair and sofas, sending them directly to your home.