Sofa legs: what are the most typical of Chesterfield sofas?

Sofa legs are more than a simply detail in a sofa, so is interesting to know what are the most typical sofa legs in Chesterfield sofas.

First of all, we must underline that in a Chesterfield sofa legs must be made in wood, the same material used to realize the inner structure.

Is really improbable to see a Chesterfield Sofa with steel legs, for example!

About the shape of the legs, possibilities are different: some wood legs have are more tapered, other kinds, instead, are more compact.

The most typical kind of leg used in Chesterfield sofas, however, has a rounding shape, which reminds the typical shape of an onion.

Are certainly more rare, but not unusual, legs with wheels: a Chesterfield Sofa with a feature like this can be moved with great simplicity on the floor, and this could be a very interesting particularity for some consumers.