Steel springs for the inner structure of Chesterfield Sofa

The inner structure is fundamental for the overall quality of a Chesterfield Sofa, and steel springs are of course good elements for it; if a Chesterfield Sofa is created with steel springs, in fact, it’s certainly very comfortable.

Steel springs are simply perfect to make soft a Chesterfield Sofa: steel is considered a synonymous of solidity and resistance, but at the same time this metal is very flexible.

A Chesterfield Sofa that has steel springs in its inner structure is very comfortable, and it will remain perfectly intact during the years, even if it will be massively used.

To create an inner structure made with steel springs is necessary a careful handicraft, also for this reason is impossible to make a perfectly done Chesterfield Sofa in industrial way.

An interesting alternative to steel springs are elastic straps: even this solution may be very good, if well crafted, but steel springs are certainly more resistant in the long term.