What are Swarowski buttons for Chesterfeld Sofa?

The choice of the buttons is very important in a Chesterfield Sofa: with buttons, in fact, the artisan can realize the capitonnè, the undisputed icon of this wonderful British sofa.

Normally artisans use buttons in the same colour of the upholstery, but is also possible to choose special kinds of buttons, and Swarowski are among those.

Swarowski buttons are very elegant, and are of course a good choice for luxury lovers: a Chesterfield Sofa with Swarowski buttons is a very particular furniture, a real jewel for a classic interior design.

Swarowski are substantially brilliant buttons, for this reason the comparison with jewelry is very fitting.

A Chesterfield Sofa with Swarowski buttons is a rarity, so how to buy it?

If you want a special creation like this is of course a good idea to require it to a specialized company that can create customized versions of Chesterfield Sofa.

VAMA Divani, for example, can make endless customizations for its Chesterfield sofas, and can create a perfectly done capitonnè using Swarowski buttons.

Is interesting to remember that if you choose VAMA Divani you can buy comfortably online your Chesterfield Sofa with Swarowski buttons, and the company sends its creations all over the world.