Tall legs Chesterfield pouf: its main feature

Tall legs Chesterfield pouf is an interesting variant of the traditional Chesterfield pouf, a perfect furniture for a very elegant interior design.

First of all we have to underline that the pouf, also called ottoman, is a very interesting creation: you can use pouf to stretch your legs when you are sitting on a sofa or on an armchair, but at the same time it’s also very decorative.

Today designers and simple customers are more and more careful in the choice of the pouf, being aware of their aesthetic importance.

Chesterfield pouf is a pouf with the typical features of Chesterfield sofa, or rather the famous capitonnè, the leather upholstery, all the finishes and more; is of course a wonderful idea to combine a sofa like this with a Chesterfield sofa, but a Chesterfield pouf can be very interesting individually, too.

The most typical Chesterfield pouf has short legs with roundish shape, the same kind of legs used in the most classic Chesterfield sofa, but is possible to choose another kind of Chesterfield pouf, for example tall legs Chesterfield pouf.

This special Chesterfield pouf is made by VAMA Divani, famous Italian company that produces only in traditional way: it has all the typical features of Chesterfield pouf, but has at the same time a particular kind of legs.

These legs are clearly taller than classic models, and have a particular curved shape, extremely classic.

If you like this Chesterfield pouf you can buy it comfortably online, and VAMA Divani can customizes it in many different ways.