The ancient history of Chesterfield Sofa

The ancient history of Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa is considered the oldest sofa of all times: ancient catalogues with wonderful handmade drawings, in fact, confirm that Chesterfield sofas were created for the first time many centuries ago.

Chesterfield Sofa was created for the first time between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth century in UK, exactly in the small town of Chesterfield, in Derbyshire.

The mission of the local craftsmen was to create a luxury furniture for high-target customers, and in fact Chesterfield sofa was initially exclusive of the upper classes.

In the later centuries Chesterfield sofas have spread even in the middle class, and primarily beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

Although it has a so ancient history, Chesterfield Sofa has always maintained its unique style.

The craftsmen who created the Chesterfield sofas in recent centuries were faithful to tradition, creating only minor changes in Chesterfield Sofa’s style.

Today, is possible to choose Chesterfield Sofa in many different variants: corner sofas, mini sofas (the so called “Chesterino”), Dormeuse, and also many types of Chesterfield armchairs, but in all models are present the capitonnè, the decoration made with small buttons that is a true icon of Chesterfield furniture, and any other typical finishing.

Is simply extraordinary that a so ancient sofa is today again one of the most appreciated and requested models all over the world, indisputably a first choice for Vintage lovers.