Turned legs: interesting detail for Chesterfield Sofas

Turned legs can be a very interesting choice for a Chesterfield Sofa, in fact these details are very common for this kind of furniture, just like round shaped legs.

Turned legs are classic and elegant, for this reason are absolutely a first choice for a traditional and luxury sofa like Chesterfield.

These particular legs are handcrafted made by a lathe, a machine that allows you to model each element with a very great precision: the extremely elaborate shape is in fact the main feature of these legs.

Turned legs are made rigorously in wood, and you can choose among many different colour shades, from dark to light.

If you want a done to perfection Chesterfield Sofa you can contact VAMA Divani, famous Italian company specialized just in Chesterfield creations.

VAMA Divani can creates for you wonderful customized Chesterfield sofas with turned legs, and can send them to your home.