Turquoise Chesterfield Sofa: brightness and vivacity

Torquoise Chesterfield Sofa is a very special variant of this famous British sofa: this colour is decidedly usual in this element of furniture, but it is absolutely suggestive!

We have already spoken about Chesterfield sofas in particular colours, a model similar to this is, for example, is light blue Chesterfield Sofa, but the turquoise version is really unique.

This colour in fact is bright and lively, so a sofa like this can be used in many different contexts: Torquoise Chesterfield Sofa can be a good choice in a classic room, even to donate a touch of colour in a serious interior design, at the same time it can be chosen in a modern context.

Is increasingly frequent that Chesterfield Sofa are used in modern rooms, especially if they have bright colours, and a torquoise Chesterfield Sofa can absolutely be a good protagonist in an interior design like this.

In the picture you can admire a wonderful example of torquoise Chesterfield Sofa, a model created by the famous Italian company VAMA Divani.

The colour is of course the main feature of this Chesterfield Sofa, but it has also some interesting details, or rather black roundish legs and Swarowski buttons.