Velvet Chesterfield Sofa: extremely luxury realization

Velvet Chesterfield sofa is a very rare furniture, and a sofa like this is of course an extraordinary choice for a luxurious interior design.

Velvet is a very precious fabric: its aesthetic is unique and unmistakable, and it’s also very special to the touch, thanks to its softness.

Another interesting feature of velvet is that this fabric fades its colour in a so suggestive way.

Use the velvet on a so elegant sofa like Chesterfield sofa is a really attractive solution: a velvet Chesterfield sofa is a little masterpiece, perfect for a very luxurious living room.

A velvet Chesterfield sofa must be perfectly done in all its parts, and the capitonnè, the most typical decoration of this sofa, creates a very beautiful effect on this kind of fabric.

Probably a velvet Chesterfield sofa requires more attentions than the traditional Chesterfield sofa, because velvet gets dirty more easily than leather or faux-leather, but the extraordinary style of these sofas is really unique.

Is not easy to find on the market a Chesterfield sofa like this, so if you want a velvet Chesterfield sofa you can contact a craft company specialized in customized realizations.