Where was born Chesterfield Sofa?

Is very interesting to know where Chesterfield Sofa was created for the first time, and Chesterfield Sofa lovers know well that this so famous piece of furniture was born in United Kingdom.

Exactly, Chesterfield Sofa was born in the little town of Chesterfield, in Derbyshire: in local workshops, in fact, artisans wanted to create a very particular piece of furniture, a prestigious sofa to be offered to wealthy clients.

Chesterfield Sofa was perfect for this mission, and this so beautiful sofa was immediately chosen by a lot of English wealthy families.

Chesterfield Sofa has a very ancient history, having been created in between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth century, and in the in later centuries it begins to be common even in the middle class and, above all, beyond national borders.

In ancient times, in fact, Chesterfield Sofa was considered a real icon of classic design everywhere in Europe, and is so suggestive that this sofa is, today again, a first choice for classic design lovers.

If you want to buy, today, a perfectly done Chesterfield Sofa, is very important that you contact a craft company: is simply impossible, in fact, to make a good Chesterfield Sofa in industrial way.

Good craft companies specialized in Chesterfield Sofa are in United Kingdom, of course, and in other European countries, like

: VAMA Divani, for example, is an Italian company that produces Chesterfield Sofa in traditional way and with utmost care, and you can buy online its Chesterfield sofas visiting the official e-commerce vamadivani.com.