Where was born the Chesterfield Sofa?

Chesterfield sofa is of course one of the most important classic furniture that is today possible to buy.

This kind of sofa has a very ancient history, dating from the sixteenth century, but is also interesting to know where it was born.

Chesterfield is considered a real icon of English vintage design, in fact this so famous sofa, that even today is one of the most popular models in the world, was created for the first time in United Kingdom.

Specifically, Chesterfield Sofa was born in Chesterfield, a little town of 100,000 inhabitants from which it got its name, located in the county of Derbyshire, in the East of the country.

In that time, Chesterfield was a primarily residential city, a town poor in monuments, but rich in artisan workshops.

Was just in these small companies, by the skilful hands of local craftsmen, that was born Chesterfield Sofa: the idea of these professionals was to create a very prestigious sofa to satisfy the demands of more affluent consumers, and Chesterfield Sofa was absolutely perfect for this mission.

Initially, therefore, Chesterfield Sofa was an exclusive prerogative of higher classes, but in the following centuries it also spread to other classes, in correspondence of its spread beyond national borders.

Is surprising that a so ancient sofa is today still one of the most favourite and popular models, and if you want, today, to buy a well done Chesterfield Sofa, you must contact craft company: is really impossible, in fact, to create industrially a Chesterfield Sofa!

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